Hockey and Ski Slopes

You arrive in Denver and start your trip by attending a hockey game. The Avalanche had a rough season last year, but your gopher buddy is hopeful that they will do better this year. He also explains that he is tired of hearing about "Two time Stanley Cup champion Phil Kessel." You suspect that he is still a little salty about the Penguins beating the San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup, but you decide to give him a break.

The next day you head to the slopes and blaze a few trails. You can definitely see why Denver is called the "Mile-High City". Gorgeous mountain scenery doesn't come close to describing it.

You consider checking out this GopherCon you have heard so much about, but a quick check on their website has your gopher buddy vetoing it. It turns out he has a strict, "No Space Walks" policy, and refuses to believe that it is just a graphic on the website.

The week quickly flies by and before you know it you are packing up to head home.